The Best Fish for Barbeques

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The Best Fish for Barbeques


When choosing a fish for grilling it’s important to consider how firm or sturdy it is. Delicate fish like sole don’t fare so well on the open flame. They’re more likely to become flaky, break apart or fall through the grates. It’s best to choose a firm, hearty fish, like one of our favourites below.

All five of these have different things to be aware of in terms of sustainability so make sure to double-check their sourcing and seasonality on the Seafood Watch app or online before buying.

1- Swordfish
It’s a mild-tasting, firm, meaty fish that holds up great on the grill. You’ll find this fish sold as steaks — cook it whole or cut it up and skewer it.

2- Salmon
Whether you cook it as a steak or a fillet, salmon can withstand the heat of the grill, keeping its distinct flavor and staying together. Also consider grilling salmon on cedar planks for an added flavor twist.

3- Tuna
Tuna is so versatile. Tuna steak is thick and hearty, with a distinct flavor. I love giving it a good sear and cooking it just to medium rare.

4- Snapper
Snapper is a great mild white fish for grilling. Cook the whole fish or the portioned fillets.


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